The Beauty in Ngari

Someone says that the mysterious and remote west of Tibet is the real Tibet. The scenery in the west is charming and attractive with the boundless landscape, crystal-like lakes, flying eagles, running Tibetan antelopes, and ancient cultural relics. This area has a sound name – Ngari where crowned as “The Ancestor of All Mountains, The Origin of All Rivers”. Here is the ultimate challenge for those who are found risks and adventures. Only for those who have a belief of nature can witness the beauty in Ngari.

Ngari Impression

If you say that Tibet is the Roof of the World, Ngari is the Ridge of the Roof indeed. There are lots of attractions in Nagri such as the holiest mountain – Mt Kailash, the sacred lake – Lake Manasarovar, the boundless forest – Zanda Earth Forest, and the historical relic – Guge Kingdom Ruins.

There are two main routes for travelers to get to Ngari. The one is the south route, and the other is the north route. What’s more, you can also arrive in Ngari from Xinjiang by New Tibet Highway. Here are some details about the south and north routes

Nagri South Route

If you choose this way, you will cross by the boundless grassland between the Himalaya ranges and Mt Kailash. You can enjoy some famous places such as Zanda Earth Forest, holy lakes and mountains, and Guge Kingdom Ruins. This is the most popular route for most travelers.

Nagri North Route

Nagri North Route is full of adventure with rich humanistic natural scenery, which is the best route for adventure enthusiasts. You can enter Nagri from the north route, and go back from the south route. You can also choose the south route in and the north route out.

New Tibet Highway

New Tibet Highway is the highest road in the world. It crossover lots of famous mountains with an average altitude of 4500 meters such as Kunlun Mountains, Karakoram, Kailash Ranges, Himalaya Ranges.

Mt Kailash

Mt Kailash plays an important role in Tibet, and it is regarded as the most sacred mountain in the world. With splendid shape, jade-like color, blue sky, and crystal-like lakes surrounding by, Mt Kailash is like a God guarding this land.

Mt Kailash is the terminal point for pious pilgrims. It is said that trekking Mt Kailash with a circle can rinse one’s sins in the whole life.

Location: in the north of Lake Manasarovar, Burang County, Nagri

Visit Time: the whole day

Best Tour Season: from May to June. During the two months, it is sunny and warm, without many drops of rain.

Guge Kingdom Ruins

When mentioned the most miraculous place in Nagri, Guge Kingdom Ruins ranks on the top. Three hundred years ago, the mysterious Guge Kingdom appeared in an overnight. Now, we can only learn about its history through the scattered relics and walls.

Location: in the south bank of Langqên Zangbo, northwest of Tholing town, Zanda County, Nagri

Visit Time: 8:00-19:00