Cheap Tibet Tour

Every year, a lot of travelers are attracted to Tibet, the top of the world. Located on Tibetan Plateau in Asia, Tibet is a remote scenery spot with high altitude, less oxygen, grand mountains, clear sky, and green lakes. Because of the poor transportation, tough environment, and harsh climate, the costs of Tibet tour are higher than any other spots in the world. Here, we have concluded some tips and suggestions for tourists to reduce their costs. If you are planning a cheap Tibet tour, you’d better know these notes.


There are two main ways for tourists to go to Tibet, one is taking a train, the other is taking an airplane. As is known to us, taking airplane is more expensive than taking trains. Thus, you can take a train to Tibet when you are having a cheap Tibet tour. Besides that, the costs can be much lower for travelers if they book the tickets of hard sleeper berth rather than the soft sleeper berth. The former is annoying but also comfortable, and it has 6 berths in a carriage. The later is quieter with 4 berths in one. The price of a soft berth ticket is the same as an air ticket, but the price of a hard sleeper berth ticket is 65% of the soft berth. Thus, booking a hard sleeper berth is the best choice to have a cheap Tibet tour.

Group Tour

Apart from taking trains, the Tibet group tour is also a budget way. Foreigners on their own are not allowed to travel to Tibet. They must follow a tour group. If you join a tour group, you will reduce the costs of food, tour guides, hotels, and vehicles. The costs can be very low with the increasing number of group members. But it doesn’t mean that the more, the well. The best number of a group is 8 to 9. In this kind of group, travelers can not only have a cheap Tibet tour but also can have a better communication with the tour guide and each other.

Cheap accommodation

Booking a cheap accommodation can also reduce the costs of tour fares. In Tibet, some economic hotels which provide simple breakfast and clean standard rooms are about 15-25USD per night, but some cheap hotels and family houses are just 8-10USD per night. For a cheap Tibet tour, you ‘d better book the cheaper accommodation, and your costs will be cut down by at least 50%.

Visit Time

Tourists always travel to Tibet from April to October. So, during this time, it is the peak season of Tibetan tourism, however, the fares of traveling are more expensive than the low season. Tourists are afraid of the cold weather and the heavy snow. But in fact, the weather is fine and warm in winter if you visit Lhasa. From November to March, the temperature can reach 10 to 18 degrees in the daytime and the temperature is about 0 degree at night. It is warmer than other northern cities of China.