Documents Needed for Everest Base Camp Tour

Staying close with the Mt Everest, Everest Base Camp is the best place to enjoy the beauty of the highest mountain. Every year, thousands of travelers travel to Tibet or Nepal for the purpose of achieving their ultimate Everest Base Camp tour dream. However, due to the unique background, planning an Everest Base Camp tour is not as easy as other places in the world. Due to the high altitude in Tibet, travelers must overcome some difficulties such as the altitude sickness, low oxygen content, and changeable weather. A strong and healthy body is the primary physical condition to have a tour in Everest Base Camp. Besides that, travelers should hold certain permits and documents before traveling there, no matter from Tibet side or Nepal side. In order to make you have a better understanding what documents needed for Everest Base Camp tour, I resort lots of information about it.

Permits Needed for Everest Base Camp in Tibet

For Non-Chinese passport holders, international travelers should hold kinds of documents when traveling to Everest Base Camp from Tibet. Normally, there are three kinds of documents which are needed, including Tibet Entry Permit, Alien’s Travel Permit, and Mountaineering License.

Tibet Travel Permit

As the obligatory permit, Tibet Travel Permit plays an important role for foreigners in the world. Issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, Tibet Travel Permit should be held when you enter the border of Tibet, visiting Tibetan attractions, checking Tibetan hotels, and applying for other permits in Tibet. However, it cannot be applied by your own. Only an authorized local travel agency like Great Tibet Tour can apply for it for free if you book their tour packages. Thus, before traveling to Tibet, you should find the professional travel agency in advance and ask for help.

Aliens’ Travel Permit

The second permit you need to hold is the Aliens’ Travel Permit which is issued by the Public Security Bureau in Lhasa. The application of this permit is easier than the former one. It can be applied when you arrive in Lhasa. The travel agency will help apply for it after you give your passport and Tibet Travel Permit to them. The application fee is about 50 CNY for each person. Several hours’ later, you can get your Aliens’ Travel Permit.

Tibet Trekking Permit

Once your tour itinerary reaches the high altitude above 6000 meters, you are required to have the Tibet Trekking Permit. Like the above two permits, an individual is not allowed to apply for it. Your travel agency will help you.

Mountaineering License

For those who plan to conquer Mt Everest, they must hold the Mountaineering License. Issued by Tibet Mountaineering Association, Mountaineering License can be gotten with certain documents and 200 US dollars.

Permits Needed for Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Besides the Nepal visa, travelers should apply for another document: Trekking Information Management System Card.

Trekking Information Management System Card (TIMS card)

If tourists trek to Everest Base Camp from Nepal, they are required to have the TIMS card. Issued by Service Centre or Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal, TIMS card takes travelers US$20 for an individual, US$10 for a group member. When applying for it, your passport and two passport photos are needed.