Potala Palace is the landmark of Lhasa city.

Seven Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour

From the ancient time to the present, Himalaya always keeps a mysterious impression to the world. Isolated by the high grand mountains and boundless forests, it is more like a paradise on Earth. Every year, countless travelers from home and abroad head to this mysterious region for the purpose of exploring the attractive natural scenery and ancient traditions. As the two most popular Himalayan kingdoms, Tibet and Nepal are the best places for travelers to start your adventure. There are a great number of Nepal and Tibet tour packages which are popular among travelers. Here I’d like to introduce a classic tour package which departure from Lhasa to Kathmandu by overland. It takes travelers seven days to finish this tour. And along the way, you can visit a lot of famous attractions in Tibet and Nepal. Please check the details in the following itinerary.

Day One: Lhasa Arrival

No matter you take a train to Lhasa – the capital city of Tibet or take the direct flight to Lhasa, your tour guide will wait for you at the train station or airport. Then, your tour guide will take you to the local hotels in Tibet. I suggest you have a good rest in your hotel in order to adapt to the high altitude sickness.

Day Two: Lhasa Tour

In the morning, your tour guide will take you to visit the landmark of Lhasa city – Potala Palace. In the past, it was used as the winter palace for Dalai Lama. At present, it has become a modern museum in Tibet where you can have a better understanding of Tibetan cultures and traditions by visiting the antiques, paintings, and so on. In the afternoon, your tour guide will take you to visit the holiest temple in Tibet, Jokhang Temple. It was built in the seventh century by Songtsen Gampo to house the statue of Buddha Sakyamuni at the age of twelve. Most pilgrims from remote Tibetan areas or other nations such as India, Nepal, etc head to Jokhang Temple for the purpose of doing kora and seeking blessings. Outside the Jokhang Temple, the busy Barkhor street crows with numerous sellers and buyers. You can buy a lot of souvenirs on the street. Enjoying a cup of sweet tea in a local tea house is the best way to get close to the locals.

Day Three: Lhasa Tour

Today, your tour guide will take you to visit two famous monasteries in Tibet, including Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery.

As one of the “Three Great Gelug monasteries in Tibet, Drepung monastery was built in 1416. The highlight of the Drepung Monastery is the biggest monastery kitchen. After lunch, you will visit Sera Monastery. The highlight in Sera Monastery is the hot Buddhism debate.

Day Four: From Lhasa to Shigatse

Today, you will be driven from Lhasa to Shigatse. The scenery along the way is stunning and attractive, you will have a chance to visit the grand mountains and crystal-like lakes such as Gampala pass, Yamdrok-Tso Lake, Mount Nyenchen Khangsar, Korola Glacier, Simila Mountain Pass, Pelkor Monastery, and Gyangtse Fortress.

Day Five: From Shigatse to EBC

In the morning, your tour guide will take you to visit the holy Tashilunpo Monastery. then, you will be driven from Shigatse to Lhatse. After lunch, you will head to EBC. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenery in Mt. Everest National Nature Reserve and Everest Base Camp.

Day Six: From EBC to Gyirong Port

After visiting the stunning views of Mt Everest and the sacred Rongbuk Monastery, you will head to Gyirong port from EBC.

Day Seven: Kathmandu Arrival

Your Nepalese tour guide will wait for you at the Nepal side. Then you will head to Kathmandu and start your Nepal tour.

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